The Brush

Beards are tactile things. When I concentrate and contemplate I tend to stroke mine with the outside of my index finger and thumb.

It occurred to me that a brush that sat on my index finger, with bristles angled akin to where my finger stroked my beard, would be a very natural and comfortable way of grooming my facial hair, stimulating the follicles, distributing oil along the hair shafts after manual beard oil application.

The ‘Index Beard Brush’ is a portable, pocket sized, ergonomic grooming tool designed as an extension of the index finger. 

The Oil

To maintain a healthy beard the skin beneath as well as the hair itself needs moisture, nutrients and vitamins to maximise beard growth potential.

Sebum, your skin’s natural defence against drying out, doesn’t compensate for follicle growth and the demand for more moisture that growing a beard generates.

Jojoba Oil is the closest natural product to replicate sebum. A natural antibacterial emollient, full of antioxidants and rich in Vitamin A and E, Jojoba Oil is your skin and hair’s best friend.

Our Conditioning Beard Oil with Vetiver combines Jojoba Oil with Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil and Olive Oil to maximise your chances of a handsome, healthy and Herculian Beard!

The scent of Vetiver is rich, masculine and earthy. Also known as ‘The Oil of Tranquility’ for its calming quality when used in aromatherapy. The initial rich freshly turned earth scent, mellows to a sweet woody fragrance as it reacts to the elements.

The Ethos

To keep it simple, efficient yet beneficial and affordable.

Designed and formulated for men that take pride.